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How long has 20|20 been in business? 

Since 1986.

What kind of Market Research does 20|20 do?

20|20 specializes in QUALITATIVE Market Research finding the WHY behind consumer behavior. We typically do this in the form of roundtable discussions at our office or online. If you qualify for one of our client's paid studies, you are paid anywhere from $50 - $350. We also send out quick surveys, which is more QUANTITATIVE Market Research, that deals with surveys for points that lead to small amounts of cash ($1, $5, $10).

What is a paid study like?

First, from the information you provide in your profile sign up survey, our system will identify if you are a potential fit for being a participant in one of our client's studies based on the consumer profile they tell us they are looking for. Then, you are sent a pre-qualifying survey to see if you indeed are a good fit. If you qualify and space permits, you will be called by a recruiter to confirm you information and be informed about participation. Some opportunities vary a little bit, but the majority will work this way.

If you live in one of our facility cities (Charlotte, Nashville or Miami) and you qualify for a study, you would be invited to attend one of our group discussions.  A moderator leads the conversation and you spend a couple hours answering questions and discussing your thoughts, opinions, expertise, with other participants about a service, brand, product, etc. When the session is over, you leave with $50, $75, $100 or more as our way of saying thank you for your time and your opinions.

If you don't live in one of our facility cities, you will participate online through one of our patented technologies discussing your ideas on the client's brand, product or service, via a discussion board, an online meeting, or sometimes we may have activities for you to participate in. 

How do I know if I qualified?

You will receive a phone call from a recruiter. Anytime you qualify for any study and there is space left you will be contacted by one of our recruiters to confirm your status in the study.

How will I get paid?

If you live in either Charlotte, Miami or Nashville where we have offices, we pay with pre-paid MasterCard gift cards. 

If you don't live in Charlotte, Miami or Nashville, you will participate in our online studies and you will be given the choice (via email) of either a virtual Visa card sent to your email, or a physical card sent to your home address.

You should see that incentive email within approximately 7-10 business days of the study end date. Gift Card incentives expire after 6 months. 

How can I increase my chances?

The short answer:  Keep your profile updated.  The more we know about you, the faster we can find you.  We add new questions from time to time, so be sure your profile is always complete.

Because our clients come from all kinds of different backgrounds, industries, product lines, services, etc and could be looking for any number of attribute combinations in their participants, the best thing you can do BE SURE your profile is complete and all questions answered and be sure to update it every month or two. We periodically add new questions to learn more, so after a month or two you will likely have unanswered questions in your profile. Keeping an updated profile gives you the best chance.